The Boltac JarMaster Stirrer

NEW SOFTWARE allows Bluetooth Control using an Android Tablet, or Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth.
This feature works with the later models only. Look for a Bluetooth logo on the base of you hub.

The ANDROID version is available from the GOOGLE PLAY STORE

The WINDOWS 10 version is available HERE

This software INCLUDES a DEMONSTRATION feature to allow you to try it without needing a suitable stirrer.


This software INCLUDES a DEMONSTRATION mode which allows the software to run as if an 8 Jar stirrer is connected.
This VERSION (Build 9) fixes a BUG which prevented the software running on some international versions of Windows.

  • Professional appearance, commitment to quality.
  • Universal power supply, voltage range 100 volts to 240 volts AC.
  • Innovative temperature compensated G value is incorporated in this equipment to obtain the same results as JarMaster, JarStar and JarTech machines.
  • Menu driven for ease of setting up test programs.
  • PC programmable / controlled.
  • Save programs for future use.
  • Email programs to field staff/clients/operators etc. Compare analysis.
  • 0 - 500 rpm with 0.1 rpm increments, totally repeatable accuracy.
  • No need for use of stopwatch, each program has its own individual timers.
  • Audible alarm alerts to various stages and end of program.
  • Proven drive/motor technology, no brushes, no dust. Extremely robust motors.
  • 1 to 8 Station stirrer either stand-alone or PC controlled.
  • 4, 6, or 8 jar controller with collective or individual controls (i.e. different speed/intervals for each jar).
  • Collective or individual "press to start" times.
  • Extremely compact and light-weight, (approximately 8 kgs in a carry-case).
  • Carry case option offers safe transportation in convenient, modern looking case c/w wheels and handle.
  • Robust, lightweight one litre square jars for best mixing in onsite comparisons.
  • Switchable lighting in jars to enhance analysis of tests.
  • Each jar has four access ports for chemical addition or sample taking.