The Boltac JarStar Stirrer

Four and Six
Station Stirrer
Boltac JarStar Stirrer

Bluetooth Control using an Android Tablet, or Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth.
This feature works with an ACCESSORY which plugs in to the rear of the machine.

The ANDROID version is available from the GOOGLE PLAY STORE

The WINDOWS 10 version is available HERE

This software INCLUDES a DEMONSTRATION feature to allow you to try it without needing a suitable stirrer.


Category 4 and 6 Station stirrer
Design Registered Design in N.Z, Australia, U.K., USA., and Canada.
Chassis Easy to clean Stainless Steel, supplied with dust cover.
Paddles/Shafts Removable Stainless Steel. All paddles rotate at precisely the same speed.
Paddle racks Supplied with machine, enables paddles to be supported above the jar, even while machine is running.
Power Supply ******* NEW FEATURE *******

The JarStar will run on either of the following power supplies.
110 to 120VAC @ 40hz to 80hz
220 to 240VAC @ 40hz to 80 hz

2 metre standard IEC power plug lead for Australia or New Zealand.

Control Intuitive Mouse controlled interface with large back-lit diaplay, 2 lines of 40 characters, angled for easy viewing.
Manual speed control mode for basic operation. Up to 30 user defined automatic control programs of up to 99 steps in length. 0 to 10 hours in 1 second steps. 0 to 340 RPM in 0.1 RPM steps (+/- 0.3% accuracy).
Speed selectable as either RPM or G value. Selectable water temperature value for automatic G value compensation.
Illumination Diffused, low heat transfer Fluorescent lighting.
Contrast Aperture for insertion of coloured contrast cards.
Jars 1.3 litre. Grade 1 acrylic, square, graduated to 1 litre. (Supplied with machine).
Warranty 12 month warranty on parts and labour.
Documentation Manual supplied. Manual contains wiring diagram, troubleshooting guide, coagulation test procedures, interlaboratory/plant evaluation calculations, suggestions, etc.
Quality Quality control documentation supplied for each machine.
Cover/Strap 4 gang units have dust cover and carry strap as standard, 6 gang units have cover as standard, strap optional