The Boltac SSVI Stirrer - Stirred Sludge Volume Index


The Stirred Sludge Volume Index unit is designed with Standard Methods requirements as a guideline.
The SSVI device we offer is a tubular, upright vessel, 100 mm inside diameter and tall enough to contain 3 litres of liquid.
A 230 mm square base offers excellent stability.
Stirring rods rotate at 2 rpm (1 cm/sec tip velocity) to slowly stirrer the contents of the cylinder.
A timer, activated by the push of one button will give a standard 30 minute duration of stirring (as per standard methods).
There are 6 LED's on the panel and as each five minute period expires so the LED's change.
During the 30 minute period, the button can be tapped and each tap results in a 5 minute shortening of the sequence if required.
Alternatively, on start-up, the button can be held down for 1 second, this selects an hourly operation.
Run durations available in this mode are 24, 12, 6, 3, 2, or 1 hour.
Again, the LED's indicate the time left to run. At the end of each timed run, a beeper indicates the end of the sequence.
Power consumption is approximately 6 watts.
Scales showing total volume, settled volume, and percentages of settled volume are printed on the cylinder.
The stirrer plugs into a standard wall socket and runs on 230 volts.


Supply Voltage 230 Volts AC.
Power Consumption 6 Watts.
Cylinder volume 3 litres (with 1 and 2 litre volume and percentage scales also)..
Cylinder material Clear acrylic tube.
Stirrer rod speed 2 rpm (tip velocity 1 cm/sec as per Standard Methods).
Stirrer materials Stainless steel.
Stirrer controls Button control, LED indication, housed in polycarbonate enclosure.
Time Duration Default 30 minute, with incremental reductions by button push.
Secondary mode, 24, 12, 6, 3, 2, & 1 hour duration included.
Operation manual Describes operation and maintenance of the stirrer.
Also includes direction to methodology of stirred sludge analysis (via Standard Methods).
Warranty 12 months from date of despatch.
Specification, Design and appearance may vary due to improvement as dictated by market research.